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Gorelik and Hetherington

25 January 14

2013 tour

Concert Review

In summer 2013 Olga Gorelik and Feargus Hetherington tour again, this time taking in both Scotland and England, and featuring the works of British composers of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

Alexander Campbell Mackenzie – 6 Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.37
York Bowen – Fantaisie for viola and piano, Op.54
Edward Elgar – La Capricieuse, for violin and piano, Op.17
John Blackwood McEwen – Sonata no. 2 in F minor
Granville Bantock – Sonata no. 1 in G major

28th – Torphichen Summer Music, nr. Linlithgow 7pm
30th – Bath, Holburne Museum 1.10pm
31st – Bristol, St Stephen’s Church 1.10pm
1st – London, Magdalene’s Church, Munster Square 1pm
2nd – London, St James’ Piccadilly 1.10pm
3rd – Edinburgh, Royal Overseas League 2pm
4th – Balquhidder Summer Music, Balquhidder Kirk 7pm
5th – Pittenween Arts Festival 7.30pm

Complete listing available here at Bachtrack:

2012 tour

W.A. Mozart – Sonata in C K303
J. Brahms – Sonata in F minor op. 120/1 (viola and piano)

E. Bloch – Baal Shem – Three Pictures of Chassidic Life (1923)
F. Mendelssohn – Sonata in F major (1838)

Hear Mozart:
Hear Brahms:
Hear Bloch:
Hear Mendelssohn:

2011 tour

A first very successful collaboration took place in May 2011 between Belarusian-born pianist Olga Gorelik and violinist/violist Feargus Hetherington. Both artists originally met whilst students at the Cleveland Institute of Music, USA.


W.A. Mozart – Sonata in G K 301
R. Schumann – Märchenbilder op. 113 (viola and piano)

Ernest Chausson – Poème op. 25
C. Saint-Saёns – Sonata no. 1 in D minor op. 75

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